Learner Band


The main aim of the Training Band is to bring brass band music and brass playing to people who perhaps have never imagined playing a brass instrument before. It’s never too late to start learning and having no musical background is honestly no barrier to enjoying what is a fantastic and rewarding pastime.

The band contain players who have played before and are returning to music after perhaps a break due to work or family commitments. It also contains young and older people who, well just fancy having a go! People find being part of a band and playing in an ensemble is very rewarding regardless of experience or age.

The Training Band rehearse on a Wednesday Evening in the Avonbank Band room in Evesham, they have a full set of instruments. Tuition is free, music is free and free use of an instrument basically, what have people got to loose.

If you are a returning player or someone who would like to learn to play a brass instrument or you just would like to know more about how brass bands operate then The Avonbank Training band would be the place for you.

Ring Gordon Lane on 01386 40514 for a chat, he has over 60 years of banding experience and would love to hear from you.